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Comedian Adam Carolla on What People Get Wrong About Him

Is the podcasting pioneer serially misunderstood?

Comedian Adam Carolla.
Comedian Adam Carolla

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Listen to this episode of the Moment with guest Adam Carolla:

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In this previously unaired episode, Brian joins Adam Carolla of the Adam Carolla Show in the Carolla Digital studio for a chat about what Adam thinks people get wrong about him (5:00), why he always answers the question that’s asked of him and the problems associated with that (16:00), and the question of a “level playing field” (22:00). Plus, the two discuss racial representation in careers and institutions (32:00), how Adam thought about himself when he was young (43:00), and a time that Adam admits he was wrong (54:00).

This conversation was taped in April 2016 and is being aired for the first time on Tuesday.

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