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Liner Notes for Frank Ocean’s Blonde Reveal the Contributions of Kanye and Beyoncé

Frank Ocean.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

For all of the secrecy surrounding Frank Ocean’s Blonde up to and even following its August release, one unknown had listeners particularly stumped: Where and how did the likes of Kanye West and Beyoncé contribute to the album, as confirmed but never clarified in Ocean’s elusive Boys Don’t Cry magazine? Although songwriting credits for the album were partially released in September, the biggest names attached to Ocean’s well-received studio follow-up had yet to be linked to a specific song.


The answer, finally, was provided via a surprise Blonde Black Friday CD/vinyl release. That was nearly a month ago, but it took until this weekend for a Reddit thread to uncover the details—specifically, liner notes that reveal, among other things, the specific contributions of Beyoncé (background vocalist on “Pink + White”) and Kanye (co-writer on “White Ferrari”). There are some other little tidbits worth checking out—note that physical copies identify the album as Blond, furthering the question of what exactly it should be called—but until then, it’s probably time to go back to those tracks with this new, important information in mind.