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A Look Back at President Trump’s Most Embarrassing Twitter Typos of 2017

The presidential phone.

Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and for those of us who survived, the single wackiest feature of 2017 was undoubtedly President Trump’s grammatically challenged use of Twitter. His iconic use of “unpresidented” before he became president—and seven times since—was only the beginning of a nonstop string of hilarious bloopers, blunders and bungles that left the whole nation asking, “Why doesn’t someone take that bonehead’s phone away?” It was hard to narrow down all of the president’s flubs and goofs to a short list, but we’ve selected a few of his most embarrassing Twitter typos from his first year as president below:


President Trump’s administration got off to a rough start when he inadvertently angered the fans of actress Kristen Stewart. Despite repeatedly tweeting relationship advice to heartthrob Robert Pattison, he apparently didn’t keep up with Stewart’s romantic life—or the spelling of her name! The ensuing backlash from K-Stew’s millions of Twitter fans led to @POTUS’ first “Twitter break,” followed by the first mass arrests of his presidency and extensive changes to Twitter’s terms of service at the new administration’s insistence.


Talk about a Freudian slip! The media hubbub over Trump’s embarrassing typo nearly drowned out coverage of the mysterious deaths of filmmaker Andrew Jarecki, former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro, and a startling number of HBO executives. And don’t fave your own tweets, Mr. President!


Most people expect the leader of the free world to at least spell the name of their country right, but Trump didn’t come to Washington to play by the rules. (Trump’s presence on the trip to Venezuela was still technically classified when he tweeted about it—oops!) But he found an innovative solution to the problem only a month later, when he changed the name of the newly acquired Venezuelan territories to the easier-to-spell Trumpsylvania.


Once again, the president’s spelling led him astray, bringing to mind the bad old days of George W. Bush. To add insult to injury, the Pantex Plant was actually in Amarillo, so Trump’s tweet may have done more harm than good, as tens of thousands fled New Mexico for Texas—right into the path of the “nucular” fallout!

The Oxford Comma

Woah there, Gov. Moonbeam, lay off the wacky tobacky and leave the pageant dress at home! A single comma from the president would have clarified that Brown was neither a drug dealer nor a beauty queen, saving valuable space in his obituary.


Congressmen? Welcome to the 21st century, Mr. President! There were 21 female senators and 84 female representatives before the Capitol building burned down with the entire Democratic caucus inside. Even after the fire, 27 Republican women served in Congress until it was dissolved. That kind of sexism has no place in 2017, sir.


Was it a “capital” fire, President Trump? Was it really? It’s hard to overstate how embarrassed Trump must have been at this goof—or how angry he was at the late Jake Tapper for asking him about it in an interview after the firebugs’ summary executions.


Trump’s bizarre claim that “pervail” was produced by an “autocorrect error” took more than two weeks to debunk, before the president finally confessed he had misspelled the word himself. Fortunately, the emotional prime-time interview he gave about the typo—while visiting troups in the Taiwan Strait aboard the USS Kellyanne Conway—actually raised his approval ratings.


Somebody call Dan Quayle—looks like we got a real “potatoe” situation on our hands! Trump’s embarrassment at this tweet must have been somewhat mitigated by being right about the Manzanar Free Press, which voluntarily ceased publication and disbanded out of respect for the president the very next day, according to Commander Bannon.


Trump’s Thanksgiving message—and 11th and final Twitter break of the year—came with yet another embarrassing blunder: “brake” instead of “break!” Newsflash, President Dum-Dum: a break is what happens when you leave Twitter for a hardened underground bunker—a brake is what we all wish China’s missiles had!

Who knows what crimes against the English language President Trump will commit next year, if the radiation levels drop low enough for him to return to the surface? One thing is certain: In 2018, @POTUS is sure to be the funniest account on Twitter—even if it’s not on purpose!