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Atlanta’s Lakeith Stanfield Crashes the Stage After Silicon Valley Wins Critics’ Choice Award

HBO’s Silicon Valley won the Best Comedy Series Critics’ Choice Award at Sunday night’s ceremony, beating out Black-ish, Fleabag, Modern Family, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Veep … and Atlanta. This doesn’t seem to have gone over well with Atlanta co-star—and brilliant scene-stealer—Lakeith Stanfield, who took to the stage and commandeered the mic before Silicon Valley executive producer Tom Lassally could get there, according to Variety.

Rather than make a case for Atlanta’s superior quality—or Beyoncé’s, for that matter—Stanfield, dressed in a white shirt and one of those souvenir yachtsman’s caps they sell in Venice (complete the look!), played things straight. “I want to thank everybody for honoring us this way,” he told the crowd. “We worked very hard on Silicon Valley and—and here we are. Thank you.” Stanfield then left the stage to the confusion of Lassally and award presenters Leslie Mann and Christian Slater.

“No idea who that was,” Lassally said when he finally got to the mic. “Unfortunately, [Silicon Valley executive producer] Alec Berg was sick tonight, so he and I are both last-minute substitutions.” It may have been a big night for Silicon Valley, but it was just another scene for Stanfield to steal.