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The Culture Gabfest “Mensch Warfare“ Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on the new film Jackie, the Netflix series 3%, and violence in video games.

Listen to Culture Gabfest No. 430 with Stephen Metcalf, Laura Miller, and Dana Stevens with the audio player below.

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This week on Slate Plus, Dana and Laura talk to Stephen about their Top 10 lists for 2016.

On this week’s Slate Culture Gabfest, the critics are joined by Brow Beat editor Sam Adams to discuss Jackie, the new film starring Natalie Portman and directed by Pablo Larraín. Is it a successful portrayal of iconic first lady Jackie Kennedy, or is Portman’s acting overblown? Next, the critics discuss the new Netflix series 3%, a Brazilian-made Netflix original series set in a post-apocalyptic world, and dissect how the show succeeds in telling a dystopian narrative without a massive Hollywood budget. Last, the critics talk about Laura Miller’s piece in Slate, “How Video Games Change Us,” an exploration of Battlefield 1, its World War I setting, and whether violence in video games actually makes us crueler people.


Links to some of the things we discussed this week:

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Dana: The 68th Federalist Paper

Laura: Syfy’s Channel Zero

Stephen: Downtown Troy, New York, like Peck’s Arcade and Lucas Confectionary

Outro: “Finale Ultimo” from the musical Camelot

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