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Ever Wish Yoda Did Less Droning On and On About the Force and More Singing About Seagulls?

It’s something we can all relate to: An ancient Jedi master is talking your ear off about the Force, but what you really want is for him to sing about being attacked by seagulls. With Jedis, it’s always “anger leads to hate” this and “luminous beings are we” that and not a word about bird attacks. Well, after years and years of pointless suffering, the folks at Bad Lip Reading have finally saved us all, stitching together footage from The Empire Strikes Back into a delightful song about Yoda’s worst day at the beach.

It seems that despite clear warnings that seagulls would almost certainly poke him “in the coconut,” a certain Grand Master of the Jedi Order made his way to the seaside for a day of sun and surf—whereupon an unspecified number of avians of the Laridae family attacked, just as had been foreseen. Further shenanigans ensued when a hacky sack struck the diminutive Jedi in his short, green neck. This is the video everyone is supposed to know about this weekend—make sure you’re not left out!