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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Trump’s Giant Mess of a Transition Team

Donald Trump spent Wednesday morning lashing out at the “failing” New York Times on Twitter, enraged by its coverage of his tumultuous transition to power. But if the past few days are any indication, it wouldn’t be surprising if the president-elect soon became inclined to redirect his vengeful attention away from print journalism and toward late-night TV. Indeed, after Samantha Bee presented a glimpse of Trump’s potential cabinet in unnerving detail on Monday, Seth Meyers took to his Late Night platform Tuesday night to recap the “knife fight” reportedly happening behind the scenes.

In particular, Meyers spotlighted Trump’s rightfully contested hiring of white nationalist Steve Bannon as chief strategist—as well as conservative commentator Glenn Beck’s apoplectic reaction to the news. “You know the world has gone insane when Glenn Beck and Bernie Sanders are on the same page,” Meyers quipped. “For them to be on the same page, the book has to be one page long.” At this rate, however, Trump could be making a novel out of that book yet.