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Watch Jon Stewart Recount His Vicious Twitter War With Donald Trump

While doing a standup set at Tuesday night’s Stand Up for Heroes benefit in New York City, Jon Stewart recalled a particularly intense Twitter war that erupted between him and Donald Trump in 2013. The feud began simply enough, with Trump attacking the then–Daily Show host with some casual anti-Semitism—“It would be funny, if it weren’t so fucking crude and horrible,” Stewart sighed. But things quickly escalated when Stewart, more amused than irritated, shot back, dubbing him “F—face Von Clownstick.” (Gawker screencapped the entire incident at the time.)

Given that he was speaking about a man that currently has a decent shot at the presidency, Stewart recounted the entire exchange with a feeling of weary bewilderment. He then issued a final, clear warning to close his set, one that feels especially urgent in the context of everything he said before: “Vote wisely this Nov. 8.”