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Adrien Brody Reunited With Wes Anderson for a Gorgeous New H&M Short Film

For those mourning the absence of Wes Anderson—it’s been well over two years since The Grand Budapest Hotel debuted in theaters—H&M has arrived with a surprise just in time for the holidays. The retail company has debuted “Come Together,” a new short film showcasing its Christmas collection, and to give it some flair, it’s directed closely in the style of a Wes Anderson movie—by Anderson himself.

Yes, while Anderson’s busy at work on his latest star-studded animated film, the acclaimed filmmaker found time to reunite with his Darjeeling Limited collaborator Adrien Brody and stick him back on a train for a little over three minutes of carefully calibrated whimsy. Indeed, the new short is very much in the spirit of Anderson’s films, right down to its measured tracking shots and brief glimpses of idiosyncratic characters. If you can get past the obvious promotional stunt H&M is trying to pull off, this makes for a lovely return to form.