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Samantha Bee Blames Us All for “Slowly Tearing Down a Badass Feminist Named Hillary Rodham”

This election season is long past the point where it became unbearable—but can you imagine how much more unbearable it would’ve been were it not for Samantha Bee perfectly channeling our bewilderment and rage at the political scene on a weekly basis? And in her final episode before this fateful Election Day, she delivered one of her fiercest segments yet.

Bee took the occasion to look back at why Hillary Clinton is perceived as such an unlikable “fake politician robot”—and pointed the finger at all of us. “We created her,” she explained, “by slowly tearing down a badass feminist named Hillary Rodham.” From Clinton’s college years—where, as Bee puts it, she was the world’s “first woke white girl”—to her then-controversial decision to keep her maiden name, to her calculated makeover as first lady to help her husband win presidential re-election in 1996, Bee tracks the ways in which society forced Hillary to become so uncool.

“My point is, Hillary Clinton has spent the last 40 years learning to mask her authenticity,” she concludes. Even if your distaste for Hillary has more to do with her questionable actions than her lack of charisma, and you can’t bring yourself to get excited to go to the polls, Bee suggests you vote less for “Hillary Clinton” than the woman who is, presumably, still in there: “Hillary Goddamn Brilliant Badass Queen Beyoncé Rodham.”