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Racist Mascot Wins World Series, Presidency

Headlines from the future.

Left: Donald Trump smiling. Right: Cleveland fan in a large headdress of feathers and another in a jacket showing the Chief Wahoo logo.
Photos by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images and Justin Merriman/Getty Images. Photo illustration by Slate.

This week and next week, two grand American contests are coming to a close. By Thursday morning, either the long-suffering Chicago Cubs or the long-suffering Cleveland Indians will be World Series champs and no longer long-suffering. By next Wednesday (we really, really hope), either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the United States’ president-elect. We’ve imagined what one of those baseball-and-politics scenarios might look like in the newspaper mock-up above.

You can check out the other three possible combinations below.

Left: Hillary Clinton clapping and cheering as confetti falls on her. Right: Indians fans holding up Chief Wahoo signs in the stands.
Photos by Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images and Elsa/Getty Images. Photo illustration by Slate.
Left: Cubs fans at Wrigley Field holding W "win" flags in the stands. Right: Donald Trump giving a thumbs-up and wearing a MAGA hat.
Photos by Elsa/Getty Images and Jan Kruger/Getty Images. Photo illustration by Slate.
A Chicago Tribune Front page showing the Cubs fans on the left with their W flags, and Hillary Clinton smiling on the right. Headlines read: Fly the W / Cubs, women triumph after century-plus of mismanagement by bumbling men.
Photos by Jason Miller/Getty Images and Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Photo illustration by Slate.