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A New Moana Clip Shows Off More Gorgeous Island Life (and More Lin-Manuel Miranda)

Disney continues to drop clips from Moana ahead of its Nov. 23 release, and each has been a little more revealing than the last. A new spot, titled “We Know the Way,” shows off, according to its official description, “the rich and vibrant voyaging life of Moana’s ancestors.” And does it ever: It features more of the awesome aquatic animation from the film than we’ve seen before, but we also finally get a glimpse of the islander way of life through some new characters beyond just Moana and Maui.

We also hear even more of “We Know the Way,” the song that got a starring role in the first Moana teaser back in June. Disney previously released a ditty sung by Dwayne Johnson, “You’re Welcome,” and an end-credits version of the movie’s “I Want” song called “How Far I’ll Go.” But “We Know the Way” stands out because it’s sung not by the movie’s voice actors (or by pop star Alessia Cara) but by the composers themselves, à la Phil Collins in Tarzan: Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and Te Vaka’s Opetaia Foa’i both sing on the track.

According to Miranda, this version of “We Know the Way” was originally just supposed to be a demo, but it seems they decided to keep his vocals on the final cut of the song. Hm, wonder why.