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John Oliver Warns Against Normalizing Trump, a “Klan-Backed Misogynist Internet Troll”

Well, we knew it was coming. John Oliver, who spent the duration of Donald Trump’s campaign denouncing his candidacy, his policy proposals, and even his name, dedicated 2016’s last episode of Last Week Tonight to the biggest news of the year: the election of “a Klan-backed, misogynist internet troll.”

A disbelieving Oliver tackled some of the reasons that led to Trump’s election—including how the mainstream media failed in its coverage of Trump, social media’s role in spreading false information during the election, and his utter bafflement over the Electoral College—before acknowledging that Trump will in fact be president and that we have to accept that. But that doesn’t mean just sitting back passively (or fleeing to Canada).

“We’re going to need to stay here and fight, and not just politically in four years when he’s up for re-election,” said Oliver. “But constantly, monitoring legislation as it moves through Congress, and fucking voting when your legislators come up for reelection in two years.” (Last Week Tonight also offered up some more ideas on how to help on Twitter.)

Finally, Oliver closed out the year with a message from Amy Schumer, Larry Wilmore, Kathy Griffin, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Larry David, and more. Honestly, it sums up our feelings about 2016 pretty perfectly.