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Chance the Rapper’s Take on the Kit Kat Jingle Features the Debut of Chance the Wrapper

Chance the Rapper’s take on the iconic Kit Kat jingle—following in the footsteps of Carrie Underwood, Shawn Colvin, and others—has a lot going on. In the new “Halloween Break” TV spot for the candy company, Chance is costumed as a lion, perusing the candy aisle. Within 10 seconds, he’s listening to a Kit Kat bar featuring “Chance the Wrapper” sing a slower, more soulful rendition of “Give Me a Break” for him and other customers in the store to hear. (A child also dressed as a lion cracks up, while his mother looks on bewildered.)

The commercial, in other words, is a mix of cute, corny, and (mostly) bizarre. But at least Chance still gets to don that third mixtape hat. And fortunately, his performance on Fallon Monday night was a whole lot better than this jingle.