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The Swedish Academy Says Bob Dylan Isn’t Returning Their Calls, Even Though They Gave Him a Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan, elusive as ever.
Bob Dylan, elusive as ever.

Fred Tanneau/AFP/GettyImages

The Swedish Academy’s decision to award Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize in Literature has sparked a lot of a lot of debate, but one figure of interest has remained silent on the matter: Dylan himself. Sticking true to his reputation for being enigmatic, the music legend has not made any public comment whatsoever, despite the noise surrounding him. In fact, not even the academy can get him to pick up the phone.

According to the Guardian, Sara Danius—the academy’s permanent secretary—has essentially given up trying to contact Dylan after days of attempts. “I have called and sent emails to his closest collaborator and received very friendly replies,” she said Monday. “For now, that is certainly enough.”

Dylan was named the prizewinner on Thursday, and performed a concert in Las Vegas later that night without any mention of the honor. The committee’s invitation to attend and speak at the Nobel Prize winners’ banquet on Dec. 10 remains open but unanswered, according to Danius—though she expects him to make an appearance. “I am not at all worried,” she said. “I think he will show up.”