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Sam Bee Explains How Maine Can Show Us What a Trump Presidency Would Look Like

If you are one of millions of Americans kept awake at night trying to imagine what a Trump presidency might look like, worry no more, because Samantha Bee already has a pretty good idea of how it might play out. The Full Frontal host dedicated a segment of Wednesday night’s show to Maine Gov. Paul LePage, the man “who was Trump before Trump was Trump,” using his time in office to predict what we could see from a Trump White House.

Bee explains that, like the Republican presidential nominee, LePage is anti-immigrant, has some unconventional ideas about corporal punishment, and is unpopular with black voters, for some reason. “But like Trump, the governor and his core supporters see his unfiltered mouth garbage as a feature, not a bug.” LePage managed to get elected because the rest of the vote was split between his Democratic opponent and an independent spoiler. And as Bee points out, if that sounds eerily familiar, it’s because it might happen again.