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Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party Is an Actual Television Show

A television show in which Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg co-host a potluck dinner party seems like the stuff of fiction—specifically, fiction written by someone who conspicuously carries a copy of Infinite Jest on public transportation and has thoughts about celebrity culture. Patrick Bateman might have Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party on in the background while he thinks about the videos he needs to return; Hal Incandenza might write an admissions essay about it. But it’s a real show, no matter how much it seems like something you dreamed up while listening to old records and making regrettable decisions about how much pizza to eat, and now there’s video evidence. VH1 has released a teaser, with difficult-to-fake footage of Stewart and Snoop dancing together. This is really happening, and it’s happening on Monday, Nov. 7. That’s right: a Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg cooking show is airing for the first time the night before the election.

Despite the timing, it’s unlikely that this is a plot to suppress the youth vote by encouraging millennials to sleep through their alarms Tuesday morning. Stewart is no fan of the Republican nominee, going back to a public feud over the cancellation of her Apprentice spinoff show, in which Trump implied she was a “moron,” and has publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton. As for Snoop Dogg, well, you can probably guess how he feels:

So what will Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party have to offer? So far, it seems like Snoop Dogg is handling the invitations: Confirmed first season guests include 50 Cent, Keke Palmer, Robin Thicke, Bella Thorne, DJ Khaled and October London. Ideally, the “potluck” part of the title won’t just be a pun: 50 Cent presenting Martha Stewart with a disgusting green bean casserole would be appointment television. Also unclear: the ingredients of the plate of brownies shown in the trailer. If the network is serious about this show, the path forward seems clear: Invite fewer celebrities and more of Stewart’s richest friends, let Snoop handle the cooking, steer the conversation to financial impropriety, and make VH1 a trusted name in investigative reporting.