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Maroon 5’s New Music Video Is a Pokémon-Filled Commentary on Celebrity Culture

There’s a lot going on in the music video for Maroon 5’s “Don’t Wanna Know.” On one hand, it offers a pointed commentary on celebrity culture, exploring the very nature of stardom, privacy, and selfie culture. On the other hand, it’s extremely silly, because the video features Adam Levine, the rest of the band, and a whole bunch of guest stars dressed up like Pokémon—and not the real Pokémon but off-brand imitations, the kind of unlicensed mascots you’d find hanging around Times Square.

The video does make a point about the “catch ’em all” attitudes toward the rich and famous that make it easy to forget those are actually human beings in that photo you’re taking. But mostly, it’s just fun to see Ed Helms, Vince Vaughn, and Sarah Silverman waddling around in unwieldy costumes as hoards of children chase them down the street.