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Joe Biden Goes Undercover at a Frat Party, Turns Out to Be a Very Good Comedic Actor

Pitch Perfect’s Adam Devine, one of today’s leading portrayers of the goofball bro, appears in a new sketch from Funny or Die with the coolest bro-sidekick imaginable: Vice President Joe Biden. The unlikely pair teamed up for a new It’s On Us public service announcement in which they try, and fail, to blend in at a frat house so they can spread an important message to the youth. Between the secret service agents frisking everyone in range and Devine’s poor grasp of the lingo, neither really succeeds at going undercover, although Biden does manage to cover up for admitting he hangs out with Barack Obama in a (not very smooth) way.

It’s all for a good cause and one close to Biden’s heart: sexual assault prevention. Biden hasn’t been afraid to wade into the pop culture arena before to get the word out—just look at his recent appearance on Law & Order—but the new PSA also has another, unintended lesson: Joe Biden has a great deadpan.