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Gilmore Girls Will Transform Coffee Shops Across America Into Luke’s Diner for a Day

But will the baristas be wearing backward baseball caps?


If you like your coffee with a shot of cynicism, you’re in luck. Ahead of the much-anticipated Gilmore Girls revival this Thanksgiving, Netflix will bring Luke’s Diner to life with a nationwide coffee shop takeover. On Oct. 5, the anniversary of the original series’ premiere, cafés across the country will be transformed into Stars Hollow’s beloved ex-hardware-store/diner, with Eater reporting that Netflix will be providing the locations with “Luke’s” aprons and t-shirts. Each store will be serving free coffee, but only until noon, so if you, like Rory Gilmore, find nothing exciting before 11, set an alarm clock.

The Gilmores’ coffee obsession is a cornerstone of the show—not to mention, the only reasonable explanation for why the characters talk so fast—with one estimate putting the total number of cups consumed on screen over seven seasons at 503. Much more caffeine will surely be served on Wednesday, but more importantly, the stunt will finally provide the definitive answer to the question that has plagued Gilmore Girls fans for more than a decade: Is Luke’s coffee as good as everyone seems to think it is?

You can find the full list of Luke’s Diner locations here.

Luke's map

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