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Donald Trump Singing “Mahna Mahna” at the Presidential Debate Is Way Better Than His Actual Debate Performance

For some of us, everything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth already sounds like nonsense, but thanks to some clever editing from YouTube channel the Woodcreek Faction, that nonsense just got a whole lot catchier. A video pairing footage from the second presidential debate with “Mahna Mahna” has Trump singing the Muppets classic while an increasingly tense audience looks on.

The second presidential debate has already proven to be a fruitful source of memes, and this one makes a lot of sense: Trump, like the Muppet in the original “Mahna Mahna” video, is orange in color, scraggly-haired, and often completely incomprehensible to those around him. You’ll have that “do doo de-do-do” stuck in your head until at least Nov. 8.