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Bob Dylan Finally Acknowledges His Nobel—and Says He Plans to Show Up at the Ceremony (Maybe)

“Absolutely,” Dylan told the Telegraph when asked whether he’ll be accepting. “If it’s at all possible.”

Fred Tanneau/AFP/GettyImages

So it turns out Bob Dylan has heard that he won the Nobel Prize in Literature, after all. After weeks of dodging the Swedish Academy’s calls and only minimally acknowledging—and then un-acknowledging—the accolade on his website, Dylan revealed in an interview with the Telegraph that he has not only heard about it but that he plans to accept the award in Stockholm … if he can. “Absolutely,” he told Edna Gundersen.* “If it’s at all possible.”


Elsewhere in the interview with Gundersen, Dylan describes winning as “amazing, incredible. Whoever dreams about something like that?” and acknowledged the poetic quality of some of his work. But when asked why he didn’t hasn’t been taking calls from the Nobel committee, the legendary songwriter is still playing coy:

“Well, I’m right here,” he says playfully, as if it was simply a matter of them dialling his number, but he offers no further explanation.

Given Dylan’s flair for mystery, I guess we won’t know for certain what he’ll do until the ceremony on Dec. 10.

*Correction, Oct. 28, 2016: This post originally misspelled Edna Gundersen’s last name.