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Ben Affleck Turns Up the Boston Accent in a Profanity-Laden Voter PSA

Benny “Sweet One” O’Callaghan (or as he’s known in Hollywood circles, Sad Ben Affleck) wants you to vote—if you live in New Hampshire, that is. It might seem odd that Affleck, a Massachusetts native, was tapped for an new ad from Funny or Die in partnership with NextGen Climate that targets New Hampshire voters. But Affleck has a perfectly reasonable explanation for why he’s appealing to his neighbors to the north: “I’m from Boston, and Boston is in New England,” Affleck explains. “Which means that New Hampshire is just like my kid brother.”


Despite the turned-up Boston accent and needless mockery of the New York Knicks, Affeck’s message is serious: “If you give a shit about women’s rights, if you care about keeping the environment safe for future generations—ever hear of it? If you care about people getting to piss in the fucking bathroom of their choice, then guess who’s got your back in this election?” Hopefully, New Hampshire, which is a swing state, will heed the call from its new biggest fan.

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