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The Trailer for Christopher Guest’s New Netflix Mockumentary Is Here, and It’s As Funny As You’d Expect

He’s mocked shows about tracing one’s genealogical history, the pageantry of awards season, folk music, and dog shows, among many other things—and now, Christopher Guest is taking on the fascinatingly weird world of mascots. In his upcoming film, aptly titled Mascots, the director follows around a range of oddballs and zany characters against the backdrop of the World Mascot Association Championships, where they will compete for the “Golden Fluffy.”

The trailer is here, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and it looks like it’ll be weird and hilarious, as we’ve come to expect from the legendary director. Guest fans will be happy to see that most of his recurring troupe members are here, including Ed Begley Jr. (a donkey mascot performer with the “first anatomically correct costume”), Parker Posey (Alvin the Armadillo), Jennifer Coolidge, and Fred Willard. After premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival later this month, it will open in select theaters and stream on Netflix Oct. 13.