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The New Music Video for Beck’s “Wow” Is Completely Bananas, Stars His Actual Kids

The music video for “Wow” takes its title to heart. In addition to Beck’s beloved dance moves, the new video showcases a series of surreal surprises, intermixing footage of horse-straddling cowboys, floating children, blooming roses (with eyes), and other compellingly weird images. Also: Beck’s own children Cosimo and Tuesday Hansen. As directed by Beck and Grady Hall, the video is a blend of old-fashioned and abstract, one that’s at once disorienting and harmonious—an ideal fit for the song’s trippy vibe.

“Wow” first dropped back in June to a very positive response, with fans welcoming Beck’s first new song since “Dreams.” His most recent album, Morning Phase, won the Grammy for Album of the Year, but it was a slower, moodier effort, a genuine change of pace. “Wow” is anything but slow—and now, with this video to back it up, it’s a fun, wacky return to classic form.

According to Stereogum, Beck’s next album is due Oct. 21.