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Congratulations to the Emmys for Correctly Giving the Best Supporting Actor Award to Sterling K. Brown for People v. O.J.

There were bigger names in his category—John Travolta, Hugh Laurie, David Schwimmer—and plenty of strong performances, from his show and others, but Sterling K. Brown blew his competition out of the water this year in the Emmy category for Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series/TV Movie. For bringing maligned prosecutor Chris Darden to astonishing, sympathetic life in The People v. O.J. Simpson—for being the standout actor of a standout series, really, as Slate’s Aisha Harris has argued—Brown rightfully triumphed.

Upon hearing his name, Brown shot a look of utter shock at the cameras. And when reaching the podium to accept his award, he seemed humbled and sincere—but also snuck in a pretty solid joke about Melania Trump.

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