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Sam Bee Cannot Believe Just How Bad Matt Lauer Is at Interviewing Presidential Candidates

For those who have felt a need lately for some justified outrage mixed with comic relief, some good news came on Monday night: the return of Samantha Bee. Indignant, sharp, and brutal as ever, the Full Frontal host came out swinging against Matt Lauer, the widely-panned host of NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief” forum. In just under four minutes, she delivered punch after punch, nailing the “human splenda” (as she calls him) for harping on emails, failing to fact-check, and demonstrating poor time-management skills.

It was after showing a clip of a 2013 Halloween-themed Today Show episode, however, when Bee snuck in her deepest dig at Lauer: “Maybe this Halloween, he can dress up as a journalist!”