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Watch Amy Schumer Breezily Out-Heckle a Heckler Who Yelled “Show Us Your T–s”

Amy Schumer had a whirlwind of an August, between book buzz and brewing controversy, but at a Wednesday stand-up show in Stockholm, the comedian reaffirmed what she can do as well as anyone in the business: Work a crowd. Also, deal with hecklers. After a persistent heckler shouted, “Show us your tits”—as hackneyed as you can get, really—Schumer decided to take the man on, baiting him to retaliate by quipping, “You’re going to be yelling ‘show your tits’ to people in the parking lot.”

Naturally, the man couldn’t help but shoot back, and Schumer promptly gave guards the go-ahead to escort him out. The heckler did manage a faint retort: “I was about to go anyway.”