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This Video Transplants Trump Into the 1960 JFK vs. Nixon Debate, With Creepy Results

The resemblances between Back to the Future villain Biff Tannen and Donald Trump have been well-documented—in fact, one of the movies’ writers has even confirmed that Tannen is based on Trump. But a video series by the Gregory Brothers takes the comparison a step further, sending Trump back in time by editing him into historical political footage. Their latest raises the question, “How would Donald Trump fare in the historic 1960 presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon?” The answer is, not very differently from how he has behaved in any other debate.

By frequently interrupting, talking about his penis size, and even yelling “All Lives Matter” while Kennedy calls for integration, Trump doesn’t come off so great. But the even greater takeaway might just be the juxtaposition between the relative civility of that first televised debate and, well, the entire 2016 presidential campaign.