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A Map of the Relationships Between All the Characters on High Maintenance

Ben Sinclair (The Guy) and Yael Stone (Beth) in High Maintenance.

Gus Powell

High Maintenance began its web-based run in 2012 with a series of vignettes, stand-alone short stories that varied in theme, mood, and style. The common thread was New York—the cramped but flashy apartments, the artsy jobs, the stresses of urban life often coming to a boiling point. And the only recurring character was the Guy: creative-class Brooklyn’s go-to pot dealer. But as the show evolved and expanded, first onto Vimeo and now, beginning this past Friday, onto HBO, the world of High Maintenance expanded, too—and its vignettes became increasingly interconnected. Characters featured in their own stories would pop up in others’, revealed to be a part of their lives, too. The Guy would return to previously introduced clients to ask a favor, or to check in, only to become more intimately involved in their day to day.

The new HBO episodes are generally terrific, but the web of characters can be a little hard to keep track of as their respective plots overlap and diverge. So we made a chart to help. It includes every character we could find from all the webisodes, from seconds-long appearances to multi-episode stints. And it also features a few details from the upcoming HBO episodes—including the emergence of what might be High Maintenance’s best character yet, Gatsby the Dog.