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Seth Godin on Creativity, Writer’s Block, and What It Sounds Like When You Change Your Mind

The best-selling author talks about his latest book and why he doesn’t believe writer’s block exists.

Seth Godin.

Bjorn Amundsen

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Back for his third appearance on the show, New York Times best-selling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin joins Brian this week to talk about his upcoming book, What Does It Sound Like When You Change Your Mind? (3:00). You can preorder Seth’s book by clicking here. To start things off, Seth and Brian discuss the concept of “certainty” in creation (11:00), whether writer’s block really exists (20:00), and why Seth used to ask the question “How many gas stations are there in the United States?” when interviewing potential employees (36:00). The two also reflect on different artists and how they approached their work (40:00) and why fear is a signal that you’re doing something right (54:00).


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