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Michelle Obama Does a Spot-On Barack Impression, Describes Her Husband as “Swagalicious”

Many have tried their hands at a Barack Obama impression over the past eight years—Jay Pharoah, Fred Armisen, and Reggie Brown, to name a few—but it’s hard to argue that anyone has more material to work from than Michelle Obama. The first lady and savvy pop culture critic stopped by The Late Show to show off her best imitation of her husband for Stephen Colbert, explaining that she, Sasha, and Malia have all gotten pretty good at imitating Barack’s mannerisms.

Michelle explained to Colbert that the president can get a little professorial around the dinner table—that is, when he’s not gossiping. She also recounted some of her biggest faux pas while in the White House, like mispronouncing names, as well as a few favorite moments. Oh, what we wouldn’t give to have a sleepover at Buckingham Palace.