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Watch Hamilton Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Sing About Star Wars with “Weird Al” Yankovic

Over the years, Slate has been carefully analyzing our traffic and video statistics in search of ever more irresistable click-bait, and we are pleased to announce that Sunday, Sept. 25, our ever-more-ethically-dubious experiments have concluded. We have video, actual video, of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda singing “Yoda,” a song about Star Wars, with none other than UHF star “Weird Al” Yankovic. You saw the tweet. You saw the headline. You clicked on it. And here we both are.

Normally, we’d use this space to contextualize the video you are probably already watching, so: “Yoda,” a slightly-sped-up parody of the Kinks’ “Lola,” was first released on Weird Al’s seminal 1985 LP Dare to Be Stupid. It’s not his only Star Wars song: “The Saga Begins” tells the story of The Phantom Menace to the tune of “American Pie.” Miranda, a long-time Weird Al fan, tweeted a story about a long-ago concert and a picture with his idol Saturday:

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Weird Al is pretty good. You’d probably want to know more about that story. But by inviting Miranda on stage during the performance of “Yoda,” Weird Al has helped us craft the most irresistible headline in our 20-year history. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Weird Al, and Star Wars? And there’s video? It’s crystalline. Pure. A new breed. The equivalent of James O. Incandenza’s Infinite Jest for the same demographic that loved David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. We may just run it on every story from now on, from budget negotiations to civil wars. At least until Beyoncé gets Werner Herzog and the cast of Game of Thrones on stage.