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In an In-Your-Face Move, Fox Reimagines King Arthur as a Crime-Solving Graffiti Artist

Itchy, Scratchy, and Fox’s new King Arthur (artist’s conception).


King Arthur is already pretty extreme and in-your-face, what with the swords and the grail and so on. But imagine how extreme he’d be if, instead of a boring old king from Game of Thrones times, he were alive today, with iPhones? And instead of being in stuffy old England, he lived someplace radical, like New York City? And instead of being a king, he had an in-your-face attitude and did graffiti all day? But also he solved crimes with the police? That’s the definitely-not-generated-by-a-dartboard concept behind Camelot, the King Arthur police procedural drama—again, it’s a King Arthur police procedural drama—in development at Fox, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


King Arthur, this time around, is a graffiti artist named Art, and he has to team up with Gwen, his ex, who is “an idealistic cop,” and his best friend Lance. Together, they battle an ancient evil, as kings and graffiti artists always have. Fox acquired the show, created by Dan Frey and Ru Sommer, in “a competitive situation,”  because, as the Hollywood Reporter put it, “familiar [intellectual property] continues to be in high demand” as networks pick the bones of any story with any name recognition at all. Executive producers include the creators, Fox’s ex-COO Joe Earley, and Gail Berman. Berman and Earley’s production company? The Jackal Group.