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The Wild New Trailer for HBO’s Westworld Teases Cowboys, Androids, and a Mind-Bending Twist

HBO has followed its creepy debut trailer for Westworld with what they’re dubbing a new “mature” version. At a slightly longer two minutes, the trailer provides a better introduction to the complicated plot and character dynamics that will unfold over the ambitious new drama’s 10 episodes. In particular, an exchange of grim dialogue between Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood ends the trailer on an intriguingly ominous note.

Set for an Oct. 2 premiere date, the series is based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film of the same name, but it will differ in notable ways. Perhaps most notably, in a twist that seems fitting coming from a Nolan (in this case, Christopher Nolan’s brother Jonathan), the trailer suggests that the series will be more sympathetic to the androids, who become self-aware and appear poised to rise up against their human overlords. But surely everything will turn out fine in the end. After all, it’s Westworld, where nothing can possibly go wrong.