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Tove Lo Goes Full Gone Girl in the Music Video for “Cool Girl”

If the lyrics to Tove Lo’s “Cool Girl” only vaguely hint at the song’s inspiration—the Swedish singer has singled out Gone Girl as a muse—then the music video for the single removes any doubt. There are clear visual similarities to David Fincher’s film as Tove Lo gyrates around a motel parking lot in the new music video, her parallels to the Gone Girl’s complex, ambiguous antagonist made even more explicit as the Swedish singer simultaneously lies inside of a see-through coffin while also writhing on top of it.

Is Tove Lo an innocent or a villain in this scenario? In a cliffhanger worthy of Amy Dunne herself, the clip ends with a with a promise “to be continued.” The video is just one part of a short film that will accompany Tove Lo’s upcoming album, Lady Wood, out Oct. 28.