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The Get Down’s Choreographers on the B-Boys and Kung Fu Flicks That Inspired Shaolin Fantastic’s Moves

In The Get Down, a character admiringly gushes over respected graffiti artist and aspiring DJ Shaolin Fantastic: “His Pumas are always pristine. His hands are samurai swords. And his pieces—they’re all fireworks. Big. Bright. Explosive.” The latter descriptors are especially apt when describing Shaolin’s dance moves as choreographed by brothers Rich + Tone Talauega.

We recently visited the set of Baz Luhrmann’s dazzling ’70s-era Netflix series and spoke with the Talauegas about their vision for the series. Here, they discuss the many influences that helped them bring the period’s underground hip hop scene to life via the dance moves of mythical figure Shaolin, from b-boys to kung fu movies. (You can also watch them break down a disco number from a different—but no less flamboyant—character on The Get Down, here.)