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The Fake ’80s Slasher Film Seen in the Latest Mr. Robot Episode Is Now Online

Writing a check won’t stop this guy from taking down the rich.

In Season 2’s third Mr. Robot episode, homages to Stanley Kubrick abound; the latest episode, “eps2.2_init_1.asec,” finds inspiration in a different cultural artifact: ’80s slasher films. In a flashback to the Halloween before the hack, Darlene and Elliot watch a cheesy film from their childhoods, the not-so-subtly named The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie.

Eight minutes of that faux horror film have arrived online, and we get a bit more context here: It’s New Year’s 1985, and a pair of spoiled, bratty siblings anticipate the arrival of their friends to come over and celebrate. The would-be party soon takes a dark turn, however, when an unknown killer—donning the signature mask that would become the face of the Fsociety movement—goes on a rampage. The Careful Massacre takes a page from the Halloween franchise (and its many imitators), echoing the iconic first-person point of view that puts the audience in the villain’s shoes. Stylized like an old VHS tape, the video opens with a production logo for “E Corp Home Entertainment”; perhaps in this short film there are underlying clues to the mystery surrounding key plot elements of Mr. Robot? We’ll have to wait and see—for now, you can check the film out on the show’s website.