Five-Ring Circus

Greased-Up Tongan Flag Bearer Pita Taufatofua Has Many Fun Hobbies

Tonga flagbearer Pita Nikolas Taufatofua leads his delegation during the Olympic opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro on Friday.

Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images

Pita Taufatofua’s biography on Instagram reads: “My dream was to become a Taekwondo Olympian. I now live that dream! If I Can - You can!”

That is a very specific dream, one that, having now seen Mr. Taufatofua shirtless, I am fairly certain I will not be able to realize.

The Tongan flag bearer’s Instagram page, however, does feature a few more prosaic activities, ones that even those of us without well-developed, grease-coated pectoral muscles may partake in.

Pita enjoys watching children do traditional dances.

Pita enjoys pretending to talk to Usain Bolt on the phone.

Pita enjoys planting trees while shirtless.

Pita enjoys spearfishing.

Pita enjoys serenading you with a sensitive love ballad.

Pita enjoys Pita.

As Deadspin’s Tim Burke reports, Taufatofua works “at Sandgate House in Brisbane, Australia, where he helps homeless kids develop independent living skills.” If you’d like, you can give him money—he is well short of his $100,000 goal. Good luck, Pita!

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