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Michael Chiklis on The Shield, Performing, and Influence

The actor talks about the rage that filled him when he went to audition for Vic Mackey on The Shield.

Michael Chiklis.

Robert Zuckerman

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Michael Chiklis is an actor and a musician best known for his work on FX’s The Shield and Gotham. He has a new album coming out called Influence, which you can pre-order by clicking here. Today, Michael talks about the commencement speech he gave at his daughter’s graduation this past spring (5:00), growing up in New England with a working-class father and a mother who aspired to be in the opera (12:00), and why he became filled with rage when he auditioned for the lead role in The Shield (24:00). Plus, Michael discusses the performance aspect of performance art and how he channels his energy like an athlete to live completely in the moment (38:00). The two round out their conversation by discussing Michael’s latest venture, a new album called Influence, and why the theatrical bands of the ’70s and ’80s made an impression on him as a young actor (45:00).


Topics mentioned:

The Shield
The Commish
University of Southern California commencement speech, Spring 2016
Defending the Caveman
The Mike Douglas Show
The Three Stooges
Difficult Men by Brett Martin

People mentioned:

Gene Hackman
Jim Steinman
Scott Brazil
Shawn Ryan
Ray Romano
Allan Havey
Jeff Bridges
Bruce Willis
The Rat Pack
Peter Gabriel
Randi Mayem Singer
Jeff Beck
Allan Holdsworth

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