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Larry Wilmore Is Using His Last Shows to Call Out “Motherf–kers” Like Cosby and Roger Ailes

Larry Wilmore’s last show will be Thursday night, but before The Nightly Show goes off the air, Wilmore is taking full advantage of the platform to do what he does best: call out “motherfuckers.” Wilmore has been a longtime critic of Bill Cosby, who has been accused of raping dozens of women, and on Wednesday night Wilmore took Cosby, as well as disgraced former Fox chief Roger Ailes, to task once again.

Wilmore pointed out that it’s no surprise Cosby’s attempt to have his testimony on his affairs sealed was unsuccessful: “You can’t take stuff back once it’s out. I learned that the hard way when I told Comedy Central, ‘Fine, go ahead and cancel me.’ ”

Wilmore went on to criticize Donald Trump’s rumored hiring of Ailes, who resigned from Fox after multiple accusations of sexual harassment, before wrapping up the segment with a powerful message calling on other men to stop enabling serial harassers:

Because when we tell victims that their assaults didn’t happen, we also tell assailants that they don’t need permission, and when we protect powerful men, we make women invisible. Look, I know I’m a man saying this, but men: We need to do the work too. Because I already have way too many motherfuckers I have to remember.