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Scorsese and Fincher Break Down Psycho’s Shower Scene in This Exclusive Clip From Hitchcock/Truffaut

One of the best documentaries I’ve seen in the past year is based on one of the best books ever published about the movies: Hitchcock/Truffaut, Kent Jones’ new documentary about François Truffaut’s influential, book-length series of interviews with Alfred Hitchcock.

I’m not alone in this opinion—the movie currently sports an enviable 95-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes—but before seeing the movie, I wasn’t sure how much it could add to a book that was already pretty much perfect. It turns out that the biggest revelations in Hitchcock/Truffaut, however, aren’t from Hitchcock or Truffaut. Instead, they come from all the other filmmakers whom Jones brings in to talk about the influence that Hitchcock’s movies and Truffaut’s book had on them. During many sequences, the movie becomes less Hitchcock/Truffaut than Hitchcock/Fincher or Hitchcock/Scorsese.

We asked for permission to premiere a bit of one such sequence—in which Scorsese and Fincher are joined by writer-directors James Gray and Peter Bogdanovich to break down Psycho’s revolutionary shower scene—and you can watch it above, courtesy of HBO. You can watch the rest of the HBO documentary when Hitchcock/Truffaut debuts Monday night, Aug. 8, on HBO.

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