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Office Air Conditioning Proves Winter Never Left for Women in This Game of Thrones Parody

“When spring turns to summer and there’s blossom on the trees, the office air doth turn to ice, and all the women freeze,” warns the opening narration of a new Game of Thrones parody. College Humor tackles the great air-conditioning debate with “Why Summer Is Women’s Winter,” a sketch that might hit a little too close to home for your female co-worker, who is at this very minute wearing a cardigan even though it’s 90 degrees outside.

You see, studies have shown that the air conditioning in office buildings is calibrated for men’s metabolic rate and body temperature, and since women tend to get colder, many are left shivering in the office while their male counterparts are feeling just fine. The contrast between the sketch’s fur-clad women and breezy beach bros might seem like an exaggeration, but trust me. To a lot of us, it really does feel like winter is coming.