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Frank Ocean’s New Album, Blond, Is Finally Out

The cover of Blond. This isn’t a tease or a mock-up, it’s a real album.

Frank Ocean

Ride the Frank Ocean wave over to Apple Music, because his new album is finally out. It’s been more than four years since Channel Orange, his debut, nearly that long since he began hinting something new was on the way, more than a year since the album’s initially announced release date, a little more than a day since his surprise visual album was released, and just hours since “Nike,” the album’s first video. (Pitchfork lays out the entire timeline here.) But the days of missed deadlines are over: Frank Ocean’s new album is, at long last, a real thing you can really listen to. Really!

Originally titled Boys Don’t Cry, the released version of the album is called Blond (or, as its iTunes page has it, Blonde). It’s 17 tracks, starting with the already-released “Nike.” You can’t buy a copy, though; it’s an Apple Music exclusive for now. So if you’re a subscriber (or this is the album that pushes you over the edge), click here to check it out.