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Chris Brown Arrested After LAPD Standoff, Encourages Foes to “Suck a Fart Out of My Ass”

Chris Brown preforms in Rabat, Morocco on May 20, 2016.

Fadel Senna/AFP/Getty Images

Singer Chris Brown was arrested on Tuesday afternoon on felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon, Variety reports. Early Tuesday morning, a woman called the police reporting that Brown had threatened her with a gun at his Tarzana, California residence. When police arrived to investigate, he refused to leave his home, resulting in what Deputy Chief Bob Green called a “long and protracted” standoff while the police sought a search warrant.

Brown’s accuser, Baylee Curran, told the Los Angeles Times that the altercation began when she looked at some jewelry another man was offering Brown for sale and that after Brown pulled a gun on her and told her to leave, one of his associates asked her to sign a nondisclosure agreement before returning her cellphone. She reportedly grabbed the phone and hid with a friend under an SUV while one of Brown’s associates searched for her in a Jeep.

Brown’s attorney, Mark J. Geragos, arrived on the scene shortly before the search warrant was carried out. Geragos represented Brown in his previous legal issues, including his 2009 felony assault charges against Rihanna. (Past Geragos clients include Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson—Geragos suggested Laci Peterson had been murdered by Satanists—and international arms dealer and “Merchant of Death” Sarkis Soghanalian.) Although the police have not commented on the results of their search, TMZreported that Brown threw a duffel bag containing guns and drugs out a window while the standoff was ongoing.

During the standoff, Brown posted two video statements on Instagram, which, while questionable in terms of a legal defense, include cursing creative enough to rival the “Yarn Barn” scene in Donnie Darko. First he speculated that the next trumped-up charge he would face would be for “fart[ing] an elephant,” whatever that means, before signing off with, “I’m innocent, fuck everybody.”

Next, Brown invoked Black Lives Matter while addressing the police directly, calling them “the worst gang in the world” and assuring them that “When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you gonna walk right up in here, and you’re gonna see nothing, you idiots.”

Finally, he encouraged anyone watching to take the opportunity to stream, download, or buy his new song “Grass Ain’t Greener” and watch its video, released only a few days ago. He suggested that his current troubles had been orchestrated to hurt the release of his video, before making the troubling suggestion that “All y’all can suck a fart out of my ass, for all I care.”

The case is being handled by the the Los Angeles Police Department’s Robbery-Homicide Division, which often handles crimes with high media exposure, even if no robbery or homicide is involved. Brown was taken to downtown Los Angeles for booking, more than 20 miles away.  He has had ongoing legal woes since the 2009 Rihanna assault charges, ranging from probation violations* to a lawsuit filed in June of this year by his former manager alleging the singer assaulted him. As he did today, Brown responded to his manager’s lawsuit on Instagram in a video calling him “Mr. Petty Pants.” Read Brown’s complete comments during the police standoff below:

So I’m asleep half the damn night, I just wake up, all these motherfuckin’ helicopter choppers is around, police out there at the gate. Come on, my nigga—what the fuck else do y’all want from me, bro? I stay out of the way, take care of my daughter, do work. I don’t need fuck-ugly bitches, triflin’ bitches, whatever the fuck it is. I’m not on that, bro. I’m way too tired to want to be dealing with this bullshit. Every three months y’all gotta try me, right? It gotta be. Every three months, y’all come up with something, bro. What is it? What’s gonna be next? I’mma fart an elephant? Come on, my nigga. But at the same time, when I call the police, for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don’t come till the next day. Let somebody make a fucked-up allegation about me, and oh yeah, the whole fucking S.W.A.T. team! My nigga, I’m innocent, fuck everybody, I’m tired of hearing this shit.

And all this news shit, y’all ain’t doing nothing but giving me better publicity. Every—how old is it gonna be? Come on, my nigga, I’m tired of this shit. “Barricaded myself in my house,”—have you seen my house? I’m gonna barricade myself in a palace. I’m not coming out. For what? I ain’t did shit, I ain’t gonna do shit, and it’s always gonna be fuck the police, black lives matter, nigga. I don’t care. Y’all gotta stop playing with me like I’m the villain out here, like I’m going crazy. I’m not. You guys got me fucked up though, so, good luck! When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you gonna walk right up in here, and you’re gonna see nothing. You idiots. I’m tired of fucking dealing with y’all. Y’all the worst gang in the world, the police. And I said it. Fuck you.

And while we on my promo kick, let me not forget to say, go stream, download, buy “Grass Ain’t Greener,” video out—ironic how I put a crazy video out, right, and then you got a bullshit-ass story. But when I’m sitting over here, withering away, and oh, yeah, “Fuck Chris Brown,” it’s the end of the world. I don’t give a fuck, I’m not running for politics, I don’t give a fuck if I get personal opinions. All y’all can suck a fart out of my ass for all I care. But what I do care about is y’all defacing my name as a person and my character and integrity. I am a father. I am one of the best entertainers out here, without bragging—I ain’t trying to say, “Woe is me, I don’t get enough credit”—and all y’all niggas know, I’m your daddy, nigga. So at the end of the day I’m tired of this shit. I’m up at six, at seven something in the morning, talking this shit. For something I didn’t do. How would you feel? Fuck this fame shit, I’m a real nigga. Fuck y’all.

Correction, August 31, 2016: This post originally misstated that Chris Brown faced legal problems for parole violations. He was on probation, not parole.