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Beyoncé Snuck Up on Chance the Rapper Backstage at the VMAs, and His Reaction Was Priceless

Chance the Rapper has worked with the likes of Kanye West and Lil Wayne, so you’d think the Chicago emcee would be used to hanging around famous people. But when Beyoncé snuck up on him midinterview at the Video Music Awards on Sunday night, the rapper proved that it doesn’t matter whether you’re an Olympic gold medalist or a famous recording artist—when you meet Beyoncé, you will flip out.

In the video, you can see that Chance exhibits all seven classic stages of meeting Beyoncé:

  1. Shock
  2. Realization
  3. Freaking out
  4. Hugging
  5. Head-wiggling
  6. Yelling “This is my life!”
  7. Forgetting you are in the middle of an interview in favor of walking away to tell everyone what just happened

Kudos to interviewer Meredith Graves for understanding (and for not missing her opportunity to bask in Bey’s glow).