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Samantha Bee Took on Fox News’ Culture of Misogyny, and It Was Very Satisfying

Roger Ailes’ abrupt resignation from Fox News has finally put a face on his network’s long-standing culture of misogyny—a culture that Samantha Bee eviscerated Monday night in a web-exclusive Full Frontal segment. With dozens of women coming forward with harassment allegations and broader details regarding structural sexism bubbling to the surface, Bee zeroed in on what Fox News has been for years: a right-leaning advocacy platform, blending fear-mongering with “relentless misinformation” to reach the type of viewer who can’t bear the sight of a sleeveless Megyn Kelly. “Turns out that the guy who runs the network is kind of a creep,” Bee quipped. “Who would have guessed?”

But with Kelly and former employee Gretchen Carlson among the most notable figures to report mistreatment by Ailes, Bee found the silver lining, explaining that the Fox News mogul had managed to achieve his ultimate fantasy on his way out: “Getting f—ed by two gorgeous employees at the same time!”