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The Simpsons Endorses Hillary Clinton in This Parody of Her 3 a.m. Ad

There’s never been much question that TV comedy writers weren’t Trump supporters (with the possible exception of the staff of Saturday Night Live), but The Simpsons made things explicit on Saturday, endorsing Hillary Clinton with an animated parody of her 2008 3:00 a.m. ad. (Technically, the ad was titled “Children,” because of the sleeping children Barack Obama would fail to protect.) The spot shows Donald Trump refusing calls from the situation room while he tweets about Elizabeth Warren and orders Chris Christie to eat worms, before spending hours on his hair and spray tan while the situation deteriorates. Clinton, on the other hand, is slightly delayed when her husband answers the phone and assumes they want him.

It seems sort of backhanded to endorse Clinton by reminding viewers of one of the worst things about her 2008 primary campaign (except for all the other things), but a win’s a win, and it’s inarguable that no modern candidate is less equipped to handle a crisis than Trump. The clip follows Homer’s primary endorsement of “Colonel” Bernie Sanders (because of his great fried chicken) and the show’s long-ago prediction of a Trump presidency. So far the staff remains silent on their preference for Kodos or Kang.