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Mike Birbiglia on Workshopping Your Screenplay and Don’t Think Twice

The comedian and filmmaker talks about the group readings at his apartment that helped shape his new movie.

Mike Birbiglia at Union Hall, Park Slope, BK on June 29, 2012.
Mike Birbiglia at Union Hall in Brooklyn, June 29, 2012.

Evan Sung

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Mike Birbiglia is a comedian, actor, writer, and filmmaker. His latest film, produced alongside This American Life’s Ira Glass, is Don’t Think Twice and is out for limited release this week. Today, Mike talks about workshopping the script for Don’t Think Twice (5:00), how he absorbs story notes (16:00), and how fatherhood changed his priorities and his writing (23:00). Plus, he discusses how he tries to find a balance between being selfish and selfless (30:00) and how long the good feeling of making people laugh actually lasts (43:00).


Topics mentioned:

Don’t Think Twice
The Big Chill
Sleepwalk with Me
“Notes, Belonging and Birbiglia” by Brian Koppelman
Something Wonderful Right Away by Jeffrey Sweet
Thank God for Jokes
Prince St. Pizza
The Lonely Island
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People mentioned:

Mike Birbiglia
Ira Glass
Michael Weber
Liz Allen
Nicole Holofcener
Phil Lord
Tom McCarthy
David Benioff
James L. Brooks

Twitter: @BrianKoppelman

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