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Mark Halperin on the Role of Journalism and Donald Trump

The veteran journalist talks about why he still believes most politicians are in it for good.

Mark Halperin.

Mark Halperin.

Photo illustration by Slate. Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images.

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Mark Halperin is the co-host of With All Due Respect on Bloomberg Politics and the executive producer of Showtime’s The Circus (Sunday nights at 8 p.m.). Today, Mark talks about his beginnings as a journalist (2:00), makes his argument about why the media is liberally biased (14:00), and questions how much longer he’ll be covering politics (28:00). Plus, Mark talks about why he believes most politicians are in public office to do good (35:00) and what his No. 1 question would be if he interviewed Chief Justice John Roberts (42:00).


Topics mentioned:

Showtime’s The Circus
With All Due Respect on Bloomberg Politics
The Note
The Hotline (National Journal)
The Dead Zone


People mentioned:

Mark Halperin
John Heilemann
Peter Jennings
Paul Harvey
Rush Limbaugh
John Edwards
Greg Stillson
Jake Tapper

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